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26 February 2022 @ 04:18 am
Okay. Since so many good things have been happening lately, I decided to make a post to keep track, so I don't forget. I don't know what else is in store for me this year, but with what has happened so far, it's been really exciting and fun. This year is my year, I'm the year of the tiger. I don't know if that has anything to do with the luck I've been receiving, but I'm truly grateful.


01.27 - Saw Nino on the train!
02.07 - Saw Sho and Maki filming Kabachi!
02.08 - Saw Sho and Maki filming Kabachi!/gave message cards to Sho's manager to give to Sho
02.12 - Hit for VS Arashi!
02.14 - Parade event w/Koide Keisuke, Karina, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Kanjiya Shihori, Hayashi Kento!
02.16 - VS STUDIO RECORDING! Front row seat!
02.23 - Hit to be an extra in SP drama with Ueto Aya and Koide Keisuke!
02.24 - Extra in SP drama! 「愛は見える」
02.25 - Won third place in Aoyama International Education Institute's annual speech competition!
03.05 - Hit for Aiba's butai 「君と見る千の夢」!
03.10 - Hit for Yoko's solo concert
03.11 - Appeared in the VS Arashi audience ;D
03.11 - Received invitation to the 「誰かが私にキスをした」premiere
03.13 - Saw the cast of 「時をかける少女」including Naka Riisa and Nakao Akiyoshi at the first day greeting
03.17 - Went to the「誰かが私にキスをした」premiere
03.20 - Hit for the Tegomass Spring Tour 「テゴマスのあい」
04.01 - Hit for Tegomass Event
04.03 - Saw the cast of「ソラニン」including Miyazaki Aoi, Kora Kengo and Kiritani Kenta at the first day greeting
04.10 - Saw the cast of「ダーリンは外国人」including Inoue Mao and Jonathan Sherr at the first day greeting
04.16 - Saw Ohno at the Zoom in Super studio promoting for Kaibutsu-kun!!!
04.17 - Saw Eita, Koide Keisuke, and Mizukawa Asami at the first day greeting for 「のだめカンタービレ最終楽章後編」
04.24 - Went to Yoko's Concert「横山YOUがヤっちゃいます〜3」and saw all the members of Kanjani8!
05.07 - Hit twice for「書道ガールズ!私達の甲子園」初日舞台挨拶
05.14 - Hit areana seats for「テゴマスのあい」
05.15 - Saw the cast of「書道ガールズ!私達の甲子園」at the first day greeting
05.19 - Hit twice for「ボックス」初日舞台挨拶
05.22 - Saw the cast of「ボックス」at the first day greeting including Ichihara Hayato, Kora Kengo, Kashii Yuu
05.23 - Saw Aiba's butai 「君と見る千の夢」
05.25 - Started tutoring an actress that just happened to be in a drama with Sho!!
06.01 - Got to see a copy of Troublemaker signed by Sho and the script for Kabachi!!
06.02 - Went to Tegomass's Concert「テゴマスのあい」and grabbed a bunch of ballons and streamers from arena seats. Also saw Koyama, Shige and Uchi who came to watch the show.
08.14 - Hit for the LAST DAY OF TOKYO DOME!!!!!
11.21 - Went to last day of 「僕の見ている風景」at Tokyo Dome and celebrated Ohno's birthday with 嵐!!
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23 February 2010 @ 06:20 am
okay i know this is backwards because i haven't posted about the VS Arashi recording yet, but i am kind of in shock.

i hit to be an extra in a special drama starring koide keisuke and ueto aya.

i can't believe it lol. i have to get up early tomorrow to go, but that's okay, i'm excited! XDD

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18 February 2010 @ 05:34 am
okay okay, i know i said i'd update the next day, but that never happens lol. but i figured i HAVE to post about what happened on the weekend because otherwise the amazing feeling and experience will fade from my memory. and i CAN'T let that happen!

okay so where was i? oh yeah after all the hype of seeing nino and sho in person, i thought that was it for lucky things happening. boy was i wrong. i've been totally obsessed with seeing what movies are coming out lately because since i'm in japan, i have a chance to actually apply for the premieres!! i actually got to go to the "nodame cantabile saishu gakushou zenpen" premiere with my sister because we won tickets! so i got to see ueno juri (she's my favorite actress!), tamaki hiroshi, wentz, fukushi seiji, yamada yuu, yamaguchi sayaka, and takenaka naoto in person! this is another story all together, but needless to say i was happy! so anyway back to my main point, i was looking up my favorite actors/actresses to see if there was any new movies coming out, so i could apply to the premieres. then when i was looking up koide keisuke and found out he was in "parade." it's actually coming out this saturday, and i couldn't believe i didn't know about it sooner, but it was probably because they didn't do that much promotion for it since it was produced by WOWOW films. but anyway i was looking at the news updates and saw that they were having an event. the only thing was, it was OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. and FREE. i seriously thought it was too good to be true, but i figured, hey, why not go and find out. so my sister and i got up early on sunday, which happened to be valentine's day. we had plans to go see "valentine's day" the movie that night, but the event was at 1pm so we figured we check it out before we headed to the theaters.

we got there at about 10:30/11am and there were already people sitting down in a section in front of the stage. there was a red carpet that went around the section to the stage, and other people filled in around the red carpet. it was crowded, but we still managed to get a place on the side, in front of where the press people would be snapping pictures (which was a good idea). it was freezing that day, but after going to so many arashi events and standing in the cold for goods, etc. i was used to it lol. finally it was getting closer for the event to start and i was getting antsy. i can't believe we were about to see koide keisuke AND karina, fujiwara tatsuya, kanjiya shihori, and hayashi kento, the other stars of the movie, UP CLOSE!

the event started and the announcer gave a little background about the movie and said a little spiel before the actors got there, everyone was getting excited and the place filled in a lot by the time it started. then it was time. a white limo pulled up next to the red carpet, and there they were, all five of them in the flesh. since we were right behind the press, they stood facing us for a while so the media could get good pics. by that time everyone was going crazy and broke the barrier between us and the press and we were suddenly right behind them, i'm sure the camera men were not too happy about that. the cast waved and smiled for the cameras. i couldn't believe how good koide keisuke looked, we were seriously like 5 feet away after we moved behind the press. he was so adorable, he would wave and then let his hand go limp in a cute way. :D the girls loved it lol. i even managed to get a few pics even though it was super dangerous since there was staff everywhere holding NO CAMERAS signs. my sister was even telling me to cut it out because she didn't want to get caught. but i took them super fast and they actually turned out really clear! YAY! lol. after that, the cast made their way down the red carpet to the stage, and that's when koide keisuke started shaking people's hands!!!! that caused quite a commotion lol. and after the press moved from their section to a new place in front of the stage, everyone just moved and filled in hoping that the actors would come back when they were leaving and shake more hands haha.

the announcer asked the cast a bunch of questions about the movie, and what it was like acting with each other, the normal stuff. but i couldn't get over how funny koide keisuke was because he kept cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. you could totally tell most of the audience was there for him anyway though because everytime he would talk or his name was called the screams were way louder than for anyone else. after all the talk was over, i was praying that they would come back our way to leave, but the ended up going off the side of the stage straight into the car. i guess the staff knew how crazy it would have been had they went back the way they came in. but all in all it was a GREAT experience! and it was FREE!! i feel so lucky to be able to see some of my favorite actors in person, i should really start writing down who i see because the list is getting longer! i honestly love japanese actors more than american actors, i have no idea why. i was never this excited when i was living in LA, where it's like celebrity-central. i don't know, but i'm having so much fun in japan, i don't want to go home! lol. we got pictures of the event, if i'm not lazy i'll post them. :)

on to the next AMAZING thing that happened this past weekend.

it actually happened on friday, but i didn't realize until saturday. and i know this is out of order from the previous event, but it'll make sense why i'm posting it after, as i explain.


yeah i know, i can't believe it myself. especially since i have been having the worst luck hitting for ANYTHING in the FC. i had applied weeks ago and decided to go for VS after my friend actually hit to be in the audience a few weeks ago (she got to be at the code blue sp recording). she had given me some advice as to how to have a better chance to win so i decided to take it. usually i ballot together with my sister for two seats since we're both in the FC, and we want to go together, but this time we each balloted separately. the family club also threw another curveball at us by opening up ballots for the music station 1000 episode special, that i sooooooo wanted to ballot for. but that ballot was due before the VS results were out so i just let it go. and if you're wondering, you can apply for both, i just thought i wouldn't be greedy this time around by trying to ballot for two things and maybe that would give me more chance for just the one. i don't know if that had a direct correlation or not, but i HIT! that friday(actually the day of the music station sp) the winners were supposed to get a mail saying that they won. but both my sister and i didn't receive anything that night so i was really depressed. it's sad not to win haha. so we just ended the night by watching music station, which was RIDICULOUS by the way, even though sho wasn't there, the performance was spectacular. i think they put all the other guests to shame to be honest haha, even considering the fact that they were one member short, it was the best performance of the night. the CG was amazing and the idea with the screens, i have to hand it to whoever's idea that was. so after that was over, i think we ended up watching other stuff or sleeping, i don't really remember lol.

so we had to get up early on saturday, and it was actually because toma has a new movie coming out and we were trying to buy tickets from lawson to his premiere. i thought it would be a piece of cake because it wasn't like a lottery, as long as we went to lawson and buy the tickets from the loppi machine RIGHT when they went on sale, we'd get to go. WRONG WRONG WRONG. lol. the tickets were supposed to go on sale at 12pm, so we got to lawson early and waited until 11:58pm lol. i put in all the information to get ready so that when the clock hit 12 i could just press enter. well it just so happens that when i press the button, within the minute, the tickets were all sold out, and we couldn't get them. T_T there was another lady waiting for the machine also so she was probably trying to get tickets too. i couldn't believe they sold out so fast, so i got even more depressed because we got up early and everything (i don't have a lawson by my apartment) and we didn't even get what we had came for. so after that, since we were out, we ate lunch then headed back to relax at my apartment.

we decided to watch a movie because we were behind on our quota (my sister and i have a count of all the japanese movies and dramas we watch, which is a list in her lj page), so we ended up watching "akai ito." it was a lot different than i expected it to be. i was totally into it and it had such a promising beginning, but i was left unsatisfied with the end. so after the movie, i went back to my usually checking my lj, facebook and email. i have so many emails and i have them all sent to my phone so i don't check the actual sites that often. but this time i was bored so i ended up checking them. AND GOOD THING I DID. i opened up my aol page and saw that there was a spam mail. i ALWAYS check my spam to see if something was sent there on mistake. when i opened the spam inbox, i recognized right away the ending of the email address. it was the email address that the family club uses to confirm if you hit for something. the first thing out of my mouth was "OMG WHAT IS THIS!" my sister was sitting right next to me and was like what's going on? lol. i quickly opened it and started screaming because it was the confirmation mail saying that i would be going to the recording for VS!!! i was ECSTATIC! i could tell my sister was trying to be happy for me, but she wanted to go as well, so she was a little upset. it was then that i said, well how do you know you didn't hit? it went to my spam folder, so check yours!! she was like no way. what would be the chances of us both hitting? but i told her to check anyway. when she opened the page she had like 6 spam mails. i was like SEE! she doubted it and was like no, i get spam all the time though. when she opened the the spam box what was the first mail on top? THE CONFIRMATION VS ARASHI MAIL! at that point was jumping up and down! we both couldn't believe it. how in the world were we able to hit for the same day and the same taping? MIRACLE. we ended up staying up super late because we were so excited, even though we had to get up early the next day for the "parade" event. lol.

so we found out on saturday and the taping was tuesday. i could not wait! it was still registering in my mind that we would be in the same area with all five of them! and for a long period of time for that matter! i made sure i read all the rules and everything we needed to bring that day, and decided what i was going to wear!!

i will update about the actual recording in the next post! XD it was a VERY memorable, fun, exciting, enjoyable, unbelieveable experience!!!!XDD
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14 February 2010 @ 09:49 am
i'm actually posting!! i can't believe it! i'm not really one to keep journals and write diaries, i wish i was though. it definitely helps remembering the great things that happen in life. and really, the past few weeks/month have been utterly amazing. it's just the start of 2010 and it's already going GREAT! it is my year after all, tora-doshi!! XD

i'm just going to sum up the few things that have happened in the past few weeks that has me on cloud nine. i may, or may not post more about them in order to remember them better, but i always say that and end up not updating haha. so we'll just see this time.

so here it goes. just as i've been feeling really down because my stay in japan has gone WAY to fast, i'm realizing if i don't find a job or something soon i have to go home. just as i'm thinking that things are just going to come to an end, something AMAZING happens on the last week of january.

i saw nino on the train.

yes. seriously. i can't even believe it myself. i never thought in a million years that i'd see them on the train that i take everyday to commute. but i guess it's not IMPOSSIBLE, especially since my friend said her bf saw jun riding the same line a few months ago. i guess i just thought it was impossible for me. my sister did see aiba at a station transferring, but that was in passing for a quick second, but she was so lucky! however this time, i was riding in the same car, sitting across from nino for a good 20-30 min! and we got off at the same stop too. XD i was so ecstatic i immediately told my arashi fans at school what had just happened, as i was still catching my breath lol. at first i didn't think it was him, i was totally like no way, and it didn't even really look like him at first, probably because of what he was wearing.

he was really covered up with a down jacket, hat and glasses, but as i looked closer, it was totally something nino would wear. he had on gray skinny jeans with black sneakers, a flannel shirt (purple/blue/green) and a white undershirt that had purple trim. i kind of did a double take because i was like wait, what, no. lol. but i swear i must have been staring at him for a good 15min trying to look at his mannerisms. i'm not one to believe in things really easily, like other people, for example when girls go to concerts and SWEAR the guys looked at THEM and peaced to THEIR uchiwa. i went to 5 arashi concerts this year on their 5x10 tour and even though they might have seen my sister and me, i'm not going to say for sure because i don't know for sure. there's so many freaking uchiwas how the heck do you know they were pointing at YOURS! haha, but anyway i digress.

as i was watching nino, i was determined to find one thing that told me it WASN'T him. but i couldn't find it. granted it didn't look like him from straight on, but at the same time i couldn't get a good look at him when he looked up because then he would absolutely know i was staring. he probably knew anyway though lol. but his nose looked them same, his hands/nails looked the same (he was very involved in his video game by the way, a PSP which also made me think it wasn't him right away since it wasn't a DS, but hey he's a gamer right?), and he had very skinny legs and thin lips. i know i know it doesn't sound like much right? but THEN he kind of rubbed his eyes under his glasses then pushed up his glasses really quick with his middle finger, JUST like nino does. call me crazy, but all you nino fans out there know what i'm talking about. AND a little while after that, he yawned and pursed his lips JUST like nino does. there were a couple moments when he looked up at me, but he didn't seem mad or anything even though he probably assumed i was staring. when it was getting to my stop, i wasn't sure where he was going at the time, but i got up and started going to the door. i think he thought i was going to say something to him because for a moment he looked up at me. i kind of froze and then just turned toward the door haha, totally chickened out. i wasn't planning to say anything to him, but after the fact i was kind of regretting it. but after the train started slowing down, he got up too! he wasn't that tall, which kind of tipped me off even more because usually people with really skinny legs are tall and lanky, but he was just a little taller than me, which fits nino's profile. so when we got off, maybe he realized i realized who he was? because he started walking pretty fast and as we were going up the steps he kind of tripped a little which was kind of cute. XD after making my way through the crowd a little behind him, trying to see where he was going, i noticed he WALKED like nino too lol. he was kind of hunched over a little bit, trotting along with his unique crossover bag. you could tell he was really skinny even in his over-sized down jacket haha.

but with that, i got my final glances of him transferring to another line (in which i then knew where he was going haha) and exited the gates completely frazzled from what just happened. so happy that day!

wow that was longer than i thought it was going to be. but i guess i was just reliving it lol. on to the next AMAZING event.

i saw sho and maki film for kabachi. not once but TWICE!

usually on weekends i meet up with my sister and she comes over to my place. we usually go out to eat, see movies, or just watch dramas in my apartment. but she's been really busy lately with finals and everything, she decided to stay focused, and i decided to try to minimize my distracting her. so every once and a while i hang out with one of my friends from school because she lives really close to me, in comparison to where we go to school(like an hour commute), we live about 10min apart. :D so we were talking about going shopping or something on the weekend, but she said she'd call me. i was happy just sleeping in for the weekend and get some rest because i'm a horrible night person and have weird sleeping habits. i go to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning, so sleeping in on days i don't have school are nice.

so it was a sunday, about a week and a half after i saw nino on the train, and i get a phone call from my friend. apparently she called me 4 times, but i didn't hear the first two. the first call came at around 10 in the morning and i was wondering what the heck is she calling me about. i figured it was just about when we would go shopping or something so i decided to let the third call go because i was still half asleep. but when the fourth call came(around 11am) i was like okay she's got to be calling me for something important. i just missed her, so i ended up calling her back. when she answered the phone i get this "WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP! I'VE BEEN CALLING AND CALLING" this is in japanese now haha. i was like "I WAS SLEEPING? WHAT'S UP? WHAT HAPPENED?" and then it comes out of her mouth. she's like underneath the indian restaurant (this restaurant we frequent near her place) there's FILMING! and the rest was a blur, she said something, arashi, something drama, i was too freaked out i couldn't hear properly. then she said SAKURAI SHO and i was like KABACHI!! i started screaming and was like WHAT? i wasn't sure if i could make it or what, but she said they'd still be there until 1pm. so without thinking i said "I'M COMING" haha.

i jumped out of bed, threw off all my clothes,hopped into the shower, and got ready faster than i had ever in my life. i could barely breathe hahah. as soon as i was ready i grabbed my mini sho uchiwa from the 5x10 concert and ran out the door all the way to the train station. i was seriously freaking out and had no idea what it was going to be like. as soon as i got to my stop i called my friend after i reached her apartment, and it turns out they were filming RIGHT BELOW her apartment building!!! what are the chances right??

okay now here's a story that shows how amazingly brave my friend is lol. her bf had spotted them early in the morning outside when he went to go to the conbini, so there was no one there at the time. apparently, before she called me, she went into the office where sho and maki were waiting while they weren't filming. YES I KNOW RIGHT! *side note, this story revealed something that wasn't very pleasing about horikita maki, so sorry to all the maki fans out there!* but anyways she went in, and the staff totally didn't notice her! but when she stepped in, sho and maki saw her, and sho stood up right away. my friend directly said "I LOVE SAKURAI SHO, WILL YOU SIGN THIS FOR ME?" with a pen and paper in hand. at this point maki, being a little disappointed that she wasn't asked for the autograph, brought attention to the staff to kick my friend out. but the way she did it was very surprising to me. instead of telling my friend directly, "sorry you can't be in here" or asking the staff nicely to please ask her to leave, she calls to her manager and staff members by saying "eh, eh, eh!" kind of in a way of saying "hey kick this girl out." totally diva-like. rude right? sho on the otherhand, being the amazingly generous and sweet person he is, was GETTING READY TO SIGN MY FRIEND'S PAPER, but as the staff's attention was brought on by maki, they immediately said NO YOU CAN'T!! and even maki's manager spoke in english saying "you can't, you can't!" my friend replied with, but arashi is so generous and nice! and the staff replied with arashi is nice, but johnny is strict! and with that, the told my friend to leave. i so wish she had gotten his signature though. :(

that was all before i got there. but after i arrived, we went to the back of the apartment building where the office was located to get a glimpse. there were so many people waiting to see by the time i got there, i could hardly see a thing. there was another staff member telling us to stay within this white line because people were standing in the middle of the street! after a while i was like forget this, i want to go to the front of the building where the actual cameras are, i want to see the filming. surprisingly when we got there, there weren't that many people. the filming was being shot on a bridge so as i came out of the apartment doors i went to the side or the river type area in front of the bridge and sure enough, sho was standing right there! XD i held out my uchiwa and waved at him, and being the only girl there at the time with my friend, i KNOW he saw me!! as i waved he didn't wave back, but he kind of did this smirk like she has my uchiwa! lol. extremely cute! they started to film and more girls started to come. it got to the point where they were so noisy and distracting the staff told us to back up to into the apartment doors to the point we couldn't see. i was like forget this, and my friend and i went upstairs to the 5th floor to look over the balcony. all i have to say is it was FREAKING COLD that day! the sun was out and everything, but the wind was so strong i thought all my limbs were going to fall off just from the piercing cold wind. after a little while, my friend and i decided to leave because it was to cold and we were hungry. we went to eat and by the time we came back, they were already gone.

crazy right? and we were really close too. sho looks so kakkoi in person. i mean yes, i've seen him live in concert but seeing them in a normal setting is surreal. he's tall and thin, and has flawless skin lol. he was cute running back and forth to the office between takes, but you can't blame him, it was really cold that day. i was totally satisfied, i saw him, he saw me, GREAT DAY! i was really disappointed about maki though. i always thought so highly of her, and watched her in so many things. but hey, she is an actress after all.

so after that i went home and just relaxed. i had school the next day, so it was back to the grind. i don't wake up that early everyday because i have afternoon classes that start around 1pm, and i had been waking up pretty late, around 11ish. but on monday, i get another call from my friend...this time at 9am. i'm like what is she calling me about now? i pick up the phone and she's like "SHO'S HERE! AGAIN!" my reaction: "WHAT???" lol. i guess the wind was so crazy the day before, the didn't finish, so they were back again. so once again, i was like "I'M COMING NOW!" same routine, threw off the clothes, shower, running haha. but this time i was like i have to do something, it's a second chance!!

so as i got off at the station this time, i decided i was going to get them flowers. them as in sho and maki. i know my perception of maki changed, but i figured if i just got flowers for sho, and not maki then i definitely wouldn't be able to give sho anything, seeing maki's attitude. so i stopped by the florist in the station and picked up two really pretty bouquets, mixture of red and yellow for sho, and a purple one for maki. the shop technically wasn't open yet, so as i waited for them to prepare the two bouquets i wrote message cards to them. i wrote them in japanese of course, and they went a little something like this:

"To Sakurai Sho,
I'm an American fan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arashi! I will always continue to support Arashi, so please do your best! Say hello to Arashi for me!"

"To Horikita Maki,
Even though I'm an American, I've watched a lot of your movies and dramas! I'm a fan! Please do your best!"

Short but sweet. I paid for the flowers attached the notes and left for my friend's apartment, aka the film site. it didn't seem as crowded as the day before, maybe because it was earlier. but as i met my friend, we headed for the office. my friend thought i should just go in there and give them the flowers, but i seriously didn't feel like pissing anyone off so i decided to ask the staff if it was okay. even though i am arashi-crazed, i am always considering the proper way to conduct myself, no matter how excited i am. i don't want to be seen in a bad light, and most of all, they are human and i want to treat them like human beings, not like some crazy exhibit.

so we called one of the staff members over, one of the ladies i saw from the day before. i asked her if i could give them the flowers, and that i was a huge fan, from the united states, and all that. this lady was a little busy so we ended up talking to another girl, she was really strict the day before and seemed kind of mean and irritated. (but i think i'd be irritated too if i had to constantly tell people to stay out of the way and not disrupt the filming >_< so i didn't blame her). we ended up talking and she said that sho told her that he couldn't accept gifts from anyone even though he would like too because then everyone would want to give him something and that wouldn't be fair to the other fans who were there waiting too. so after we kind of discussed the situation, i finally said, well what if the staff gives it to him and not me personally. she kind of thought about it reluctantly, but i guess the begging in her eyes finally led her to say, "well let me see and ask their managers." i was like "OKAY!" haha. so she ended up going to maki's manager who turned and saw my friend and me standing there, and they discussed a little, and she also talked to sho's manager as well. it took a while for us to get a response back. i think they were carefully considering it lol.

but as we were waiting, more and more people started to gather. not just people who knew, but people walking to work or to school. it really started to get out of hand. people were crowding the streets and trying to cross the bridge back and forth just to get close to sho. i was kind of getting upset because they were really starting to disrupt the filming, and i know i get it, it's SAKURAI SHO, but honestly you have to let him do his job, he's working EXTREMELY hard right now with everything on his plate. so the staff was getting really irritable and starting to tell people to move further away. (although they kind of just shooed everyone around us away and let us stand where we were. i think it was because we weren't causing any trouble. lesson to all fan girls out there!) we waited for about 15-20min until someone approached us, a male this time.

it was sho's manager! he's really young! probably my age! and very soft spoken. my friend was like "are you sho's manager?" and he was like "yes :)" hahah. i really wanted to shake his hand, but i thought that might have been too much lol. he was apologizing to us saying he wants to let us give the flowers, but since it's so crazy with everyone around, it would kind of be impossible to give them to him, even if it was just the staff. i was soooooo disappointed, especially because the flowers were pretty expensive. i was pleading him, saying i'm such a big fan and everything, and he said, "thank you so much for coming out to the concerts and supporting them, i will definitely convey your feelings to sho." and i was really getting desperate, so i was like, well what about the message cards? would that just be okay? and he said "well it's in front of everyone, so that wouldn't be good" and i kind of said "well what if it was in secret?" and kind of hid the cards behind the flowers i was holding, towards him. he looked at the cards, then back at me as i held them out. what happened next was just totally adorable i couldn't stand it! he actually TOOK the cards from my hand, and then kind of "dropped" them in his bag, like "there, i hope no one saw me" hahahah. and i was like "thank you thank you thank you!" sho's manager is so nice!! i guess i should have expected because sho, being so nice he would have a manager that would reflect the same. maki's manager on the other hand didn't come to talk to us, or didn't even walk in our direction.

after that, we watched them film a little more and then they wrapped up. sho and maki made their way to the cars with their managers while the security and staff tried their best to block everyone from mobbing them and taking pictures. i hung back, even though my friend was like "WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN UP AND GIVE HIM THE FLOWERS?!" i know, she's crazy. but i felt like i had already made an agreement with his manager, and i didn't want to cross that. i was satisfied that he made that small gesture for me, so i wanted to give the same respect back. so finally my friend and i left as the film crew was putting away their equipment. i gave her one of the bouquets to keep and then we made our way to school. i still have sho's bouquet in my apartment, i put it in a vase. :D maybe i'll post pictures later.

we went to school, and i ran to my arashi fan friends again and told them everything! especially because one of them, her favorite is sho! two days in a row! what a miracle right? and on top of that, meeting his manager and giving him my message card! XD SO HAPPY.

so that's why happened. i want to post the rest of my stories because that's NOT ALL. but this post is waaaaaaayyyyyy longer than i intended it to be, and i'm wondering if people actually even read to this point hahah. maybe i'll post tomorrow what happened this weekend!!! because it's pretty AMAZING TOO! XD but for now, it's almost 3am and i have school tomorrow. so until next time!
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18 July 2009 @ 06:41 am
Okay that was TOTALLY easy!! The only thing is I can't choose a mood...
18 July 2009 @ 06:40 am
Okay wow, I know I said I would update this more, and that pretty much was a lie haha. I guess i'm not good at keeping journal or diary type things. I'm trying to use flock's blog editor to see how and if it will actually work.

Pretty sad huh, that's the reason why I'm posting. If it makes it easier to blog though, I might start posting more. I can't make any promises though... :)
10 December 2008 @ 09:52 pm
i'm noticing that i am VERY ANGRY!!! and it's probably due to exhaustion because i haven't gotten a good night's rest in past month, but i'm really starting to notice it now, and you know what, it makes me even more tired. and i'm even more angry because i shouldn't have to waste my time worrying about stupid morons anyway!!!!! it's a long story but i've been starting to notice how irritable i am ESPECIALLY this week. right now, people just need to stay away from me so i can get my shit done and not have to stress about the stupid asses. literally, every little thing gets to me at this point and it's probably because i've been sleeping at like 5 and 6 in the morning and have to go to school or work at 8:30 or 9. i had ENOUGH. i'm even starting to get irritated at my friends and that's not good. i just need to get past next week and i'll eventually become normal again. maybe later i'll dive deeper into specifics about what's angering me but right now i don't think it's such a good idea because it'll make me more mad. all i have to say is i almost punched two people today and i really can't take talking to anyone, except for my sister. anyways i have projects to finish so i'll be back later to finish this rant.
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06 December 2008 @ 02:51 pm
okay, so i was thinking. i have a livejournal, and i RARELY if not NEVER post in it. i mean it's good because it allows me to keep up with my addiction to arashi, but i wonder if i should start using it as a real journal. my sister has been doing posts everyday and i was coming to think that's a cool idea because it documents what you're going through and it's a trip to look back on it. it might just be a good way to get things off my chest, and who knows, possibly keep me sane in my crazy, hectic life. or maybe i'll use it as another place to list off all the things i have to do, just to keep the record straight for my brain. well i guess here it goes..

right now i'm stressed. haha, like you really didn't see that coming. it's down to the last two weeks of the quarter and i'm about to graduate. i actually really should be finishing my projects, but hey, i've been working all week and i think i deserve a little break at least. it just seems like i have a lot of things to do for these last projects, and i know exactly what needs to be done, it's just getting to it. i think i'm getting a little burnt out.

PLUS, last night i stayed up until 1:30 working on the reality show which i didn't expect, i was hoping to finish my DVD, but that didn't happened. and i don't know why but i ended up staying up past 3. i think it was because after i got into bed, motocrossed was on and that was one of my favorite classic disney movies, where the girl dresses up as her twin brother so she can race in the pro cup. but anyway, i digress, that's beside the point. i went in today to school too, when i thought i could just work on my stuff at home, because i had to give the drive to hartley so she could work on the show. but in all honesty, i don't think it needs anymore work i spent a CRAP load of time finessing it last night. and the original plan was to let her do the rough while i fine tune it because i'm always a perfectionist when it comes to editing. so we'll see how much she changes it on monday, hopefully it won't be too much. i think she was pretty amazed at how much i worked on it too because she was expecting to work on it more at school, but good thing because she had to leave early anyway.

i think there's just not enough time. i have to finish my projects this weekend, and i have to go to pasadena to do my laundry tomorrow. so that will take like half a day. O_O i like staying busy, but i think i'm really starting to wear myself thin, and it's a little scary. i'm just glad corey (a producer who's documentary i'm doing graphics for) didn't email me the info for the documentary yet because i'd promised him i'd do the graphics in a week. i'm assuming the week will start as soon as he gives me the information so if he could hold off for maybe like two more days, i can focus on finishing my other stuff first.

okay, i think that's enough stuff for this first entry, although i have a lot more going on still, i'd figure i'd spare you all from this lengthy rant of what i'm dealing with. i'm not sure if i'll post every day, but we'll see what happens from this point on.
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28 April 2008 @ 11:23 pm
before i start hyperventilating again, i just want to say yesterday was the best day of my life!

we caught jun so many times it was like perfect timing all day. XD we got to see him before anyone else did taking press pictures at around 4:15 pm and stood 10 feet away from him, we sat on the right side so that we were RIGHT THERE when he went up and down to the stage. and if we didn't sit on that side, i wouldn't have been able to HAND HIM FLOWERS, HAVE HIM LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THANK YOU, AND TOUCH HIS SOFT HANDS! OMG. and if that wasn't enough, we decided to leave the reception early, and just as we were coming out of the corridor, THERE HE WAS AGAIN WALKING BY with body guards of course because all these girls were chasing him, but as he passed us, we waved and said bye one last time! XDD

it was worth everything! the standing in line for 3.5 hours in the heat, with heels on. i would do it again in a heartbeat. if only he read the note on our flowers, and lets arashi know how much we love them so that they can do a concert here for their 10th anniversary!

but all i have to say is that jun is everything i thought he would be and more. his personality was exactly what i thought, gentleman-like, kind, gentle, cute, considerate, it was amazing to actually see it in person. i will remember this for the rest of my life. i will meet them all in the future. XD i'm just happy this first experience proved that they are exactly what they portray, they're not faking, and that they are really genuine. although some people will never understand this (people who don't know about JE) i'm just satisfied in knowing that everything that i thought of them, and all the reasons why i love them are justified and i will continue to love them forever.
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21 April 2008 @ 04:13 pm
omg jun in 6 days...that's all i have to say. XD
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